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29 September 2007 @ 12:48 pm
hi everyone!! welcome to my new community, poly_vore.

first of all, in case you don't know what poly_vore is all about, i'm guessing you haven't been to this website.


basically, it's a website where you can put together your very own outfits using clothing and accessories from a number of websites. (forever21, urban outfitters, deilias, net-a-porter.com, etc.)

you don't need an account on polyvore. you can use it as you like, but if you want your creations to be saved, it's very simple to make an account on polyvore. all you need is a username, a password and your e-mail. 

so, what's the point of this community? for polyvore/lj users to get together & share their creations! it can also be good for making new contacts on polyvore and new friends on live journal. this community might even influence your own style- or if you incorporate your personal style in your sets on polyvore, you just might inspire someone else!

as of right now, there is only one rule. & that's to promote. since this community is brand new, i would appreciate if every member promoted it in three different places. i want some proof, so when you join the community i want you to fill out this application:

* name:
short bio:
polyvore username:
* style inspirations:
pic of yourself (full-body, this is for style purposes only!!)
* three places you promoted poly_vore (links, please):

* is mandatory (must be filled in)

as for me, i'm kim. i was wondering why there isn't a community for polyvore.com, and so i decided to make one myself because there isn't any out there already. i'm 18, canadian, & i have a big obsession with style & fashion. i'm hoping to be either a stylist or fashion designer- basically anything in the fashion industry.

if you have any questions about the community or anything at all that i might be able to answer, e mail me at kim_cleary89@hotmail.com. please title the e-mail poly_vore because i will not open it if it's titled anything else (or nothing at all) this is because my junk mail filter is very sensitive and i do not waste time opening e mails from unkown sources.

i hope everyone enjoys this community, and i hope it does well!! thanks so much for joining & please be an active member!

here are some banners you can promote with!

how to:
- pick a banner
- copy image code (right click, properties, URL)
- when you paste image to an entry, click "link" and type in:  http://community.livejournal.com/poly_vore/profile


Current Mood: excitedexcited
yo gabba gabba: Rpattz || Yumohnoshesbald on May 12th, 2009 07:26 am (UTC)
name: gab
age: 12
short bio: total bookworm and music geek
polyvore username: douche
style inspirations: agyness deyn and cory kennedy
pic of yourself : i don't have a full body picture :(
three places you promoted poly_vore: