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Hello! If you liked polyvore, you'll probably love looklet!
Looklet is a brand new styling studio where you can combine every piece in our fashion collection to mix, match and create your personal looks. All clothes are real, selected by stylists, from real designers.
No, I'm not a maintainter of the looklet site, just wanted to share some loving over livejournal and wanted to ivite you all to our new community, [info]looklet ! We are looking for mods & we are really, really nice so I really think you should come over & check this out.

We've just started, so don't worry about the lack of members ;))

+ some exaples of what you can achieve over the site


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hi everyone, there's only like 4 or 5 members as of now but i would really like if we could kick this off.
forget about the application type thing, but if you can promote this community- please do!! i'd love to see more members!


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